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Random: Console modr makes ‘Dummy Portable GameCube’ a reality


Fake Gamecube Handheld Game
picture: via GingerOfOz (YouTube)

Think of previous Nintendo generations, and you might remember models of GameCube handhelds inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP. If you’ve ever wanted a real copy of something like this, well… that’s exactly it Console modr and “GingerOfOz” on YouTube created.

The mod was able to shrink this model into a portable console modeled after the Game Boy Advance SP. In fact, it runs a “cut” Wii pad inside, which apparently supports Nintendo’s GameCube library.

In an effort to stay true to the GameCube experience, a dedicated program has been added to include the classic boot screen. And if you’re wondering about the screen, it’s 480p. There is also support for headphones and the entire device has been designed with the help of graphics and 3D printing software. The only downside seems to be the battery life – which only lasts an hour and a half.

This little guy has a Wii inside, so he plays the entire GameCube library flawlessly thanks to the power of backwards compatibility.

I wish I could take some cute pictures of her, but she’s cold and ugly outside now. pic.twitter.com/tZeJhNskYA

– GingerOfOz (GingerOfMods) 12 March 2022

Oh, and Gingerfoods We’ve also gotten to the bottom of the original concept. Apparently, the individual goes by the name Demond (better known as “gcpguy22” on Instagram), and he made the model just for fun while in college. Then he posted it online to see if people at the time would think it was legit, and the rest is history.

participation in Nintendo Live On Youtube

The YouTube channel itself has Previously shared videos for Wii mobile The PlayStation 2 portable. What do you think of this realistic entertainment? Leave a comment below.

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