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Putin-Salts in Moscow after the Russians’ clear withdrawal from the border with Ukraine


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Ray of hope for its expansion Ukrainian crisis In the last few hours the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Kremlin confirmed it Some Russian troops They return to their bases after completing military exercises on the border with Ukraine.

Shortly before the arrival of the German Chancellor, Olaf Salts In Moscow, the move has been translated as a sign of intensification Of degenerate condition However, large-scale exercises on the Russian side Made in Russia Continuing, it is not clear how many military units are withdrawing from the border.

The message that Ukraine sends to Russia is clear Minister of Foreign Affairs To point out when you see Russian troops leaving, We hope the expansion slows Of the situation “.

“Russian troops are returningTheir basics after completing the exercises Divisions of Russia’s southern and western military districts have already begun Load equipment “They are leaving,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Tuesday.

The Kremlin also confirmed the start of the withdrawal, a “Normal process“Condemnation of the West”HysteriaAbout a supposed Upcoming Invasion In this country from Moscow.

“We have always said that (…) troops will return to their bases after the exercises,” he said. Is the usual procedureRussian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peshkov told reporters.

Putin: When should the war with Ukraine begin?

“When should the war start?” He joked that Russia would invade Ukraine, citing Western reports.

In an attempt to downplay information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded with a paradoxical comment.

According to the Kremlin, when referring to the dates set by the West for the invasion, Putin asked, “When should the war begin?”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed “moderate confidence” in resolving the Ukraine crisis, while talks between the Salt and Putin are taking place in the Kremlin.

“However,” he said, “he did not see any significant signs of intensification at the local level.”

By her side, The European Union says it is ready to discuss Moscow’s concerns However, for its own protection, Russia’s gas pipeline to Germany – Nordstream 2 – warns that it will “not work” if Russia goes to war in Ukraine.

Sakarova: They were ashamed, the war campaign of the West had failed

A few hours ago, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakarova Erupted against the West: “February 15 Will be written in history Until the day the war is defeated Western propaganda“, He writes in a post in the Telegram.

“They were ashamed and destroyed without a single shot being fired,” he added Zakarova in his post, According to an article in the Pravda newspaper. As the Russian media has pointed out, the representative Of the Russian Foreign Minister Indicates its post in the information broadcast by the international media in the previous days, D. who spoke of an invasionRussian forces in Ukraine by Wednesday.

Vladimir Putin is ready to negotiate security guarantees. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov told CNN. “First, President Putin always demanded Negotiations And diplomacy. And, in fact, it has started the issue of security guarantees for Russia. Ukraine is only part of the broader issue of security guarantees for Russia President Putin is ready To negotiate, “Peshkov said.

Commenting on the reports of the West and Ukraine, About the possible Russian invasion In the territory of Ukraine, the representative of the Russian president described Information These are “Unsubstantiated increaseHe emphasized that Russia was not a threat to anyone.

Meanwhile, the leader of Germany Olaf Salts He is already in Moscow, where he will talk to him Vladimir Putin They continue Diplomatic efforts To avoid Russian invasion.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson Cobra will hold an emergency meeting Discuss the UK response to Russia’s attack.

Earlier, US and British leaders argued that Russia’s withdrawal from its threats against Ukraine would be an “important window for diplomacy” and that all hopes for a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis had not been dashed. However, they warned that the situation is much worse.

During their telephone conversation, Biden and Johnson agreed that Western allies should remain united in the face of Russian threats, including the imposition of “substantial sanctions” if Russian aggression escalates.

In addition, they praised the need for European countries to reduce their dependence on Russian gas, which would strike at the heart of Russia’s strategic interests more than any other measure.

Souls in front of him in the ring with Putin

Before entering the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the German Chancellor and members of his delegation to carry out three molecular tests four to 24 hours before departure from Berlin. The last The molecule should be tested one day before departure.

Olaf Souls Did not accept Putin’s conditions And a doctor at the German embassy in Moscow underwent a German PCR test shortly after the plane landed. The only offer the Russians made was to send someone to the government airbus To monitor whether the salt molecule test is performed correctly.

Without Putin The DNA of the Salts , He will have the same fate as Macron and will be sitting in the ice rink facing the Russian president. “German Chancellor Kremlin will cross the threshold and make it clear to Putin that the West will impose tough sanctions on the Russian economy.”

German Foreign Minister Analena Berbock commented on Olaf Solz’s important visit to Russia. The situation is very dangerous And can be measured at any time. “Green” Berbokov calls on Moscow to improve the situation.

“Now we need to talk about the difficult situation in Europe for peace and security.”

The German president told Russian President Vladimir Putin to “deal with the situation through positive talks.” Olaf Salts Crossing the threshold of the Kremlin.

“Now we have to talk about the difficult situation in Europe in terms of peace and security,” he said.
Souls argued that should Want to find out A diplomatic solution.

Putin’s fear of the corona virus is not just a reaction At the long table Separates the two leaders. Only Russian photographers were able to photograph the meeting of the two leaders in the Kremlin.

Ukraine Foreign Minister: An invasion is currently avoided

“Russian invasion averted for now” Says from the Ukrainian Foreign Minister KievDimitro Colomba.

“We and our allies have been able to prevent further escalation on the Russian side … It is already in mid-February and we see diplomacy still working,” he added.

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