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Netflix has hidden streaming settings you may never have tried


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Netflix has hidden streaming settings you may never have tried

Netflix logo

Make your Netflix session smoother by following these tips.
James Martin / CNET

As one of the The best streaming services In the world, Netflix He doesn’t get a day off in most homes. But whether you use it daily, weekly, or monthly doesn’t mean you know all its secrets.

how-to-tech-tips-logo-badge.  png

You may find creating a live watchlist, as well as scrolling through a file Top 10or popular or personal recommendations sections. But Netflix offers other ways to peek behind the curtain and improve your viewing experience. With a flick of the wrist — or remotely — you can play your streaming game with these tips.

Narrow down your search for Netflix originals

Tired of searching on Google for “Netflix Show with Monsters”? Take your browsing skills to new heights by searching for Netflix originals with a single search phrase: “Netflix”. Open the Netflix app on any device and start the brand name in the search bar and it will show all the original Netflix film And the series was ever released.

You can use the same method to find content that plays in 4K or HDR. Type either term and the Netflix search results will show titles in that format. Keep in mind that a limited amount of Netflix content is shown in 4K or HDR.

CNET TVs, Broadcasting and Audio

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Use hidden codes to access content

By now, you may have heard recently about hidden codes for Netflix subcategories, such as the Starbucks Secret Menu. These exist. Narrow your search for titles of a particular type using four-digit codes when viewed in a web browser.

With so much to sort out, this trick can easily help you Searching for animationaction, adventure, sports movies, musicals and more with the right code. check CNET Help About where to find the type of movies you’re looking for.

netflix code 1

Netflix code example.
Screenshot from CNET

Control your video on the keyboard

Do you tend to watch Netflix on PC? If you do, you can rely on your mouse to pause, rewind, or control the volume. But there are keyboard shortcuts for that. Switch the volume using the up and down arrow keys and press the left and right arrows to fast forward or rewind by 10 seconds. He hits M to mute the sound.

To pause the broadcast, use the spacebar; Tap it again to unfreeze your video. Instead of clicking the full screen icon to expand the view, just click F on your keyboard. To exit full screen mode, use the Escape key. bubble.

Adjust your data usage

I know a lot of people who like to watch Netflix on their cell phones or tablets. For those with limited data, this can consume a large portion, depending on the quality of the video. However, you can tinker with data usage to reduce the amount of your device.

Open the Netflix app on your phone and tap more icon or your profile. Click App Settings and go to video playback to select cellular data usage. per Netflix Help sectionchange the download setting to wifi only To avoid draining your mobile plan data. Note that this will only appear if your device is running on cellular data.

You can also change your Netflix data usage settings from your web browser for all of your screens, including mobile. Open your profile on your account page and click Playback Settings. There are four options: Auto (the default), Low (up to 0.3GB per hour), Medium (up to 0.7GB per hour), High – best for HD – which uses 3GB per hour for HD broadcasts and 7GB For ultra-fine streaming. The lower the quality, the lower the data consumption. Remember that Save your settings.

Want to avoid these steps? Your other option is Download episodes or movies to watch offline.

play netflix

Netflix data usage and playback settings.
Screenshot of Courtney Jackson/CNET

Use the audio description of the narration

The lesser known feature on Netflix is audio description function, which can be useful for visually impaired viewers. When activated, the voiceover gives a description of what is happening on the screen during the show or movie. A sound describing facial expressions, clothing, landscapes, body movements, and other items as they happen.

Netflix says most of its originals have audio descriptions available, and they work with some of the other titles on the platform as well. To play it, start playing a video on your device. Mobile or computer users can tap their screens, while smart TVs, Apple TVs, or game consoles will need to use the remote control.

select file a dialogue Icon box to see the available Audio Description languages ​​and choose your option.

Change your translation experience

Enjoying the latest foreign title streaming on Netflix? Dubs are great, but some viewers prefer watching certain content like korean drama Anime in its original language with subtitles. You can adjust subtitle settings for font type, size, text shading, or background.

You will need to open Netflix in a web browser and select a profile from the Account page. Click translation appears To change the settings then tap Memorizes. This can be done for each profile on your Netflix account. You may have to re-download the app on your TV for the changes to take effect. If you don’t like the new setting, just choose “Reset to default” to restore your previous subtitle settings.


Netflix subtitle settings.
Screenshot of Courtney Jackson/CNET

Check your bitrate stats

Wondering what is the quality of the live broadcast of your favorite show? Check the bitrate through the Netflix Geek Insights menu. Higher bitrate equals higher video quality. With your video open, Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D on your laptop keyboard To check the bitrate speed, cache status, and frame rate. On this screen, HD viewers can confirm the speed and accuracy.

Some smart TV models are able to display these stats as well, but you will need a remote control with an info button. Click it while playing a Netflix video to check nerd stats. For Roku users, choose a show or movie and before pressing play, press the star sign * Click twice to see the numbers. Double click on it again to disable the display.

You’ll want to pause the video so you can capture the code information without missing any scenes from your favorite show. The other catch? You cannot modify any of these stats if you are in the mood for a debugging session.

Bitrate information is not only interesting for those interested in the technical side, it can help when faced with Streaming or buffering problems. For example, it can guide you where to move your router or streaming device to improve your Wi-Fi signal.

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