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Crisis in Ukraine – dramatic warning Olaf Solz: European war threat


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“War threatens Europe again and the danger is far from over,” he said. President Olaf SoulsRefers to the Ukrainian crisis from its platform Munich Conference He called on Russia to step down, warning that “further violations of Ukrainian sovereignty” would result in “very high costs.” “Further violations of Ukraine’s regional integrity by Russia will come at a very high price, but Western nations must not fail to find a diplomatic path,” said Souls, something that is “contradictory.” Ukraine “Casas Belly” from Moscow to join NATO, Currently “no such decision pending”. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Ukraine’s right to join NATO.

Second Day of the Munich Security Conference: German Chancellor Olaf Schulz addresses the Conference |  Vian

Growth of more than 100,000 soldiers The Chancellor stressed that “Ukraine is not justified in any way.” “The military offensive is wrong and we do not want it to happen. That is why we are ready We are negotiating. “But a distinction must be made between Russia’s unsubstantiated claims and its legitimate security interests.” Asked if Ukraine’s reconciliation process should be accelerated first with the EU and then with NATO, Souls said a democratic coalition such as NATO, the European Union and the United States was open to expansion in policy. That does not mean there will be more movement in the future. “We are in danger of an issue that is not even on the agenda, and Putin knows it, but it should always be emphasized in our talks,” he said.

Referring to Moscow ArgumentsOlaf Souls also explained that President Vladimir Putin cites the Yugoslavia case as an argument when referring to NATO’s “occupation”. “I told her calm down and we would take care of her,” said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. The issue of genocide in the Donbass area“, The Chancellor insisted.

Olaf Souls also promised Germany will defend its NATO allies From a possible attack in accordance with NATO policies. “Germany is fully committed to the 5th Division – unconditionally,” he said. The presence of its troops in the Baltic countries or through its contribution to the monitoring of NATO airspace in southeastern Europe. He promised that Germany would respect its obligations to the Alliance by investing heavily in arms.

The German chancellor also noted the world order and insisted that it should not be rushed Europe must be written As an international player, he speaks of the “superiority and backwardness” of democracy over time. He said that nations gain strength only when they respect human dignity instead of violating it.

US says more Russian troops on Ukraine border as Moscow releases new military training video

Public mobilization of Russian speakers in Donetsk

President of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic DonetskIt is engaged in war with its government army Of UkraineAnnounced todayGeneral mobilizationAmong the concerns about the Russian invasion.

“I invite you to show my fellow citizens In military offices. “Today, I signed the General Mobilization Order,” Dennis Bushill said in a recorded message.

Mr. Bush’s statement was recorded by observers of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Saw a “dramatic increase” in violence in the front lines of pro-Russian separatists and government troops.

Its principles Self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic The artillery fire of the Ukrainian government army caused damage to the water station in the region, which is in Vasilievka, which serves areas on both sides of the border, while heavy artillery hit the villages. The Electrification Part of the area was also halted.

The situation in the line of communication in T’s “people’s democracies”.OneAnd Lukansk was rapidly deteriorating with heavy gunfire and mortar fire from Thursday morning the day before yesterday. Authorities in Lukansk said civilians were being evacuated.

Supervision in Luhansk

The self-proclaimed leader of the Luhansk People’s Republic, Leonid Bassetsnik, today signed a decree providing for a general mobilization.

Pasetsnik prohibited men between the ages of 18 and 55 (i.e. those carrying weapons) from leaving the area and allowed authorities to seize vehicles and property of companies and individuals for security purposes.

The Ukrainian military says 12 violations of the agreement have been recorded Ceasefire this morning and 66 more in the last 24 hours.

Ukrainian staff said on Facebook that they were separatists Opened fire on more than 20 apartmentsEven with heavy artillery, something prohibited under Minsk agreements.

OSCE observers previously reported 222 violations Front line ceasefire in the Donetsk regionControlled by pro-Russian separatists, including 135 “explosions” Against Wednesday 189 and Tuesday 24In the Luhansk region, which is controlled by pro-Russian separatists, there were 648 violations, including 519 “explosions,” 402 on Wednesday and 129 on Tuesday, the agency said.

Washington has been warning for weeks that Moscow is looking for an excuse to invade Ukraine. Russia has denied the allegations.

Pentagon: Half of Russian soldiers have taken up war positions

More than 40% of Russian forces are concentrated on its borders Of Ukraine A spokesman said Friday that it has now taken an offensive stance Of the US PentagonBy adding that to the country’s instability phase Russia It has begun “.

The United States, which estimates that 150,000 Russian troops have been stationed in northern, southern and eastern Ukraine since Wednesday, said the Pentagon had not yet commented on the incident.

“40 to 50% of these troops” have taken a stand for the attack. “It has been growing in places with regular concentrations for the past 48 hours,” he told some reporters.

“Tactical assembly points” refer to areas adjacent to the front lines where military units advance before launching an attack.

According to a U.S. Department of Defense official, Moscow now has 125 military battalions stationed near the Ukrainian borderCompared to the 60s under normal conditions and the 80s created in early February.

The escalating conflict between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces and the outrageous statements about pro-Russian leaders and the situation in the Kremlin’s Russian-speaking regions of Tanik and Lukansk are part of a “campaign of instability in Ukraine.”

US Secretary of Defense, General E.A. Lloyd AustinRussian President Vladimir Putin has told ABC television that he has now gathered information needed for a “successful invasion of Ukraine.”

In an interview with the television network that aired yesterday Friday, he said, “I don’t think he’s stupid. The interview will be aired throughout Sunday.

“He has many options at his disposal and he can attack in a short time,” he added, adding that while he was in Poland, he met with U.S. and Polish troops.

Washington has been warning for weeks that Moscow is looking for an excuse to invade Ukraine.

Russia has denied the allegations.

Moscow supported the separatists and annexed part of Ukraine to the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

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