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Am I A Lesbian? Take This Quiz To Find Out


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Questioning your sexuality can be a confusing and daunting experience. If you’re a woman who has found yourself increasingly attracted to other women, you may be wondering “Am I a lesbian?” It’s a deeply personal question without any easy answers.

Some women know from a very young age that they are lesbian or gay. For others, the realization comes later in life after years of compulsory heterosexuality or identifying as bisexual. There’s no singular lesbian experience or way of looking on the outside that determines your sexual orientation.

The reality is that sexuality exists on a wide spectrum, and it’s fluid and complex. You may be questioning if you’re lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or somewhere else on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Or you may still be making sense of your feelings and romantic attractions.

The only person who can truly know your sexuality is you. With some self-reflection and honest exploration, you can gain more clarity. That’s where a “Am I A Lesbian” quiz like this can come in handy. It can help you start unpacking some of your thoughts and emotions around your sexuality.

Now, let’s be clear – no quiz can definitively declare your sexual orientation. But working through these questions could provide some useful introspection and perspective. If the questions resonate deeply and the results point towards you being lesbian, that may reinforce what you’ve already been feeling. Or it may open your eyes to an identity you never seriously considered.

At the end of the day, a quiz is just a starting point for deeper self-discovery. Still, it can be an enlightening exercise to work through these questions centered around lesbian feelings, desires, and life experiences.

So let’s dive into our “Am I A Lesbian?” quiz to help shine some light on your sexuality. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here. Just respond based on your true thoughts, feelings, attractions, and personal stories.

The “Am I A Lesbian?” Quiz

1. When you envision your future, what kind of committed romantic partner can you see yourself with long-term?

a) A man

b) A woman

c) Either a man or woman

d) I’m not sure

2. Which of the following sounds most true about your experience of physical and sexual attraction?

a) I’ve only felt meaningfully attracted to men in a sexual way

b) I’m mainly sexually attracted to women, though I can appreciate male physiques too

c) I feel sexually attracted to women in a deep, persistent way that resonates with my core identity

d) I don’t experience much sexual attraction at all

3. Thinking about your past crushes or romantic experiences, what genders were those people?

a) Only males/men

b) Mostly males, with occasional female crushes

c) Mostly females, with few platonic male crushes

d) Only females/women

4. When you watch romantic movies or read romance novels, whose perspective do you put yourself into?

a) The female lead falling for the male love interest

b) The female lead falling for another woman

c) No particular preference – I’m happy to self-insert across genders

d) I don’t really envision myself in those romantic scenarios

5. If someone asked what your sexuality or sexual orientation was, how would you respond?

a) That I’m straight/heterosexual

b) That I’m still figuring it out, but lesbian feels possible

c) That I’m a lesbian

d) That I’m not sure/don’t want to label myself

6. Thinking about your current and future dating interests, which statement rings most true?

a) I’m only interested in dating men

b) While I’m open to dating people across genders, I feel most strongly drawn to women

c) I can only envision myself happily dating and being with a woman long-term

d) I don’t have an inherent preference or interest in any particular gender

7. Growing up, how did you feel about stereotypically “masculine” and “feminine” gender expectations?

a) I felt comfortable conforming to feminine stereotypes

b) I related more to masculine stereotypes and felt like I had a “male brain”

c) Gender roles and stereotypes never resonated much with me

d) I rejected gender norms entirely and felt free to be myself

8. What was your experience with celebrity, fictional or real-life crushes as a child/adolescent?

a) I crushed on male characters/heartthrobs like most girls

b) I crushed on female actors/pop stars/book characters but thought it was admiration

c) Looking back, I can see my strong crushes on women were rooted in romantic/sexual feelings

d) I never really had big celebrity crushes on anyone

9. For women with past heterosexual dating or sexual experiences, which statement resonates most?

a) I enjoyed and felt satisfied by those male relationships/encounters

b) Dating men felt inauthentic to me, like I was trying to convince myself

c) Those male relationships highlighted for me that I’m not attracted to men

d) Not applicable to me

10. Which option below best represents your goals around marriage or long-term partnership?

a) My goal is to marry a man and possibly have kids together

b) I’m open to all possibilities for long-term partnership

c) I want to marry a woman and potentially have kids through donor insemination or adoption

d) I don’t have goals around marriage or long-term relationships

Scoring: Tally up how many a’s, b’s, c’s, and d’s you have across all 10 questions.

If you scored…

– Mostly a’s: Based on your responses, you seem to identify most with a straight/heterosexual orientation and attractions. Of course, you may want to allow for flexibility if feelings evolve.

– Mostly b’s: You appear to be somewhere under the bisexual/pansexual umbrella, with significant attraction to women while still maintaining some non-lesbian interests.

– Mostly c’s: Your responses strongly indicate a lesbian sexual orientation and identity. Allow yourself to fully embrace that truth.

– Mostly d’s: It sounds like you may be undecided, questioning, or simply not identifying with labels right now. Stay open and give yourself time.

No matter what your results, recognize that sexuality can be fluid and allow yourself grace through this process of self-discovery. If you scored in ways that point to you potentially being lesbian, don’t be afraid to further explore that identity when you’re ready. Reach out to LGBTQIA+ resources and community for guidance and support.

And remember, at the end of the day, no quiz can definitively tell you who you are or what labels to use. This “Am I A Lesbian?” test is just a launching point for deeper introspection. With patience and self-compassion, the clarity will eventually arrive on this journey of understanding your authentic self.


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