Yellowstone Closed Due To 'Hazardous Conditions'

Yellowstone National Park closed all access On June 13, Monday due to "very hazardous" rain and flooding.

No inbound travel is allowed until conditions calm and the park can examine road and bridge damage. .

Park personnel is working with the county and state to help inhabitants of Gardiner, Montana, which is isolated by unsafe conditions

A family staying in a Gardiner short-term rental near the park entrance can't leave due to flooding.

Preliminary assessments reveal many portions of road in the park have been washed out between Gardiner and Cooke City, Montana.Visitors in the northern area are being evacuated.

The National Weather Service warned campers and hikers to avoid streams and creeks in the area 

The weather service predicts flooding in Mammoth, Osprey Falls, Indian Creek Campground, and Lava Creek Campground.

CNN meteorologists say June precipitation is 400% above average in northeastern Wyoming and southern Montana.

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