WWE Hell In A Cell Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes beat Seth Rollins with a torn pectoral at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Rhodes hasn't wasted any time since leaving AEW for WWE before WrestleMania.

The 36-year-old has won all three high-profile matches against Rollins at Premium Live Events. 

Anticipation built in the arena as Rhodes entered, and a gasp was heard when he removed his jacket to reveal the obvious injury he'd suffered while weight training.

Blood and bruises covered his shoulder and arm, discolouring his chest.

To say Rhodes didn't allow his injuries get in the way of his performance would be an understatement.

At the climax, Rhodes channelled Rollins' mentor Triple H, delivering a sledgehammer shot and a Pedigree on his way to victory.

Rhodes closed the show and thrilled a loud live crowd.

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