Why Did Julia Fox Go Grocery Shopping While Wearing Her Undergarments?

Julia Fox's most recent clothing choice has the internet buzzing with anticipation

On May 15, the actress from Uncut Gems went food shopping, but it was far from a regular outing

For her holiday outfit, the 32-year-old chose a black Alexander Wang bra and matching underwear set

Her provocative ensemble was completed with denim knee-high boots, a denim bag, and a denim jacket

Julia's wardrobe choice elicited a wide range of reactions on Twitter

"Julia Fox is gorgeous, but she shouldn't be out grocery shopping in that."

After her dress became popular on social media, the actress commented on her Instagram Stories,

After her clothing drew attention online, she said, "If it's socially acceptable at a beach, it should be everywhere."

She shrugged when she realised I had to become less fascinating and more Hollywood-like

Uncut Gems actress shopped on May 15, but it was no ordinary trip

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