West Liberty To Send $700 Stimulus Check 2022

West Liberty's city council approved on 7th June to deliver $700 stimulus checks to 200 residents previously barred from federal pandemic aid.

Escucha Mi Voz has been requesting governments to invest  ARPA money they got from the federal government to help excluded and critical workers 

Johnson County and Iowa City have committed $3.5 million in a new Direct Assistance programme, which has drawn criticism for rejecting applicants for lack of funds.

The strategy would use $147,000 in local American Rescue Plan cash to aid pandemic-impacted households.

On June 21, a formal resolution is expected.

Two city councillors, Jose Zacarias and Omar Martinez, advocated for larger checks of $1,400 and said they would continue to do so until the final resolution on June 21.

McCullough stated that the city desired to have enough remaining ARPA monies to pursue additional projects, such as a mental health and wellness facility.

West Liberty will become the second Iowa city and one of the few in the country to set up a direct payment programme.

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