Wayne County man win $335K Fantasy 5 jackpot

A man from Wayne County recently won a $335,956 Fantasy 5 jackpot by matching birthdates and ages.

To win the reward, the 59-year-old winner matched all five numbers drawn in the May 23 drawing: 02-07-09-20-24.

The winner stated, "I've been playing Fantasy 5 for years, and I always play the birthdates and ages of family members."

He called a coworker to double-check the numbers. When they told him He won a life-changing jackpot, He couldn't believe it!

The winning ticket was purchased at the Canton One Stop at 7230 North Sheldon Road in Canton.

The man plans on paying his expenses and saving the remaining of his winnings.

The Wolverine FLL lottery team won $1.05 billion in March 2021. The group plans to donate their winnings.

Read Richard Lustig's "Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery" if you want to be the next player from Michigan to win a large lottery jackpot.

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