Warriors beat Doncic and Mavericks

Golden State Warriors used old-school ball to beat Luka Doncic and Dallas Mavericks.

Stephen Curry realises he's old as the Warriors make their first title run in three years.

Curry pondered the NBA's young stars as the Warriors prepared for the Mavericks' visit.

Doncic wants to pass Curry, America's favourite little brother who, at 34, has become an elder statesman.

The Warriors' 112-87 Game 1 win over the Mavericks at Chase Center reminded us that championships are the best source of inspiration in the NBA.

Curry: "We're comfortable here." "There's more gratitude for being back and urgency to seize the opportunity.

The Warriors spent the night in transition against a Mavericks team that lets Doncic pick apart half-court possessions.

Curry said it won't be easy to stop the Grizzlies' young virtuoso.

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