Volkswagen to Pay $80 Million Porsche Fuel Tests

For Porsche buyers who complained that emissions and fuel economy tests were rigged, Volkswagen agreed to pay at least $80 million

For Porsches sold between 2005 and 2020, owners will get compensation ranging from $250 to $1,109 per car

A substantial portion of fuel economy class members' potentially recoverable losses will be paid to them as a result of the fuel economy compensation programme."

For the majority of this century, Volkswagen has been dogged by controversies around the use of so-called defeat devices to circumvent emissions regulations

Settlements with US authorities, auto owners, and 44 states for just 2009 and later cars totaled $15.3 billion by 2016

In order to make sure consumers are fairly reimbursed, we've been striving to find a solution

In order to maintain our commitment to our consumers, we have signed an agreement that assures that they will be compensated for any rating adjustments and repairs."

Fuel consumption and pollution levels were reduced as a result of lower gear ratios in the vehicle

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