Thousands on Universal Credit WON'T receive £650 cost of living payment due to loophole

THOUSANDS receiving Universal Credit won't get the £650 cost-of-living benefit due to a loophole

Later this year, over 8 million Britons receiving means-tested benefits will get the payment in two lump instalments

According to the government website, if you file a combined benefit claim with a spouse, you will only receive one £650 payment

If you and your partner file a joint claim, you will each receive £650

People in the United Kingdom who were expected to get two payments may be taken aback by the new guidelines

One-time payment of £650 is a welcome cash infusion to help households cope with the growing costs of life

Families seeking Universal Credit must stretch the same amount as single-person families

Resolution Foundation: Families with three or more children must stretch Universal Credit payments

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