This state is expecting $2K stimulus for residents

Governor Tom Wolf urged the legislature to deliver $2,000 cheques to Pennsylvania families.

For Pennsylvanians living paycheck to paycheck, even a slight rise in expenses can imply difficult decisions like food or rent.

"I see hardship in Pennsylvania communities and want to discuss solutions. I want to give $2,000 cheques to Pennsylvanians in need." Wolf said

Wolf proposed the PA Opportunity Program, which would use $500 million from American Rescue Plan Act  (ARPA).

Payments would go to low-income Pennsylvania households.

The programme aims to help households still recuperating from the COVID-19 outbreak or managing the rising cost of life.

On Wednesday, Wolf encouraged the Republican-led Pennsylvania General Assembly to act.

The bill has been introduced in the General Assembly, said Gov. Wolf. "Let's pass this bill today, Republican leaders," he said.

Mainers can now check the status of $850 relief checks
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