Telescopes Reveal Why Neptune Is More Blue Than Uranus

Astronomers may know why Uranus and Neptune are distinct colours.

Neptune and Uranus have comparable masses, diameters, and atmospheres, but differing looks.

New research reveals that a layer of concentrated haze on both planets is thicker on Uranus and 'whitens' Uranus' look more than Neptune's.

The model shows that extra haze in Uranus's stagnant atmosphere makes it appear lighter than Neptune.

Extra haze in Uranus' atmosphere lightened its look, according to scientists.

Previous attempts to comprehend this difference have concentrated on the upper atmospheres of planets at specific wavelengths of light.

Methane particles and snow showers prevent fog from accumulating in Neptune's turbulent atmosphere, unlike Uranus.

This concept could explain why Neptune has more black spots than Uranus.

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