Florida Teacher to get $5.95 Million Settlement

A Sarasota County utility truck hit second-grade teacher Kristin Stewart as she jogged in May 2020.

She remembers the truck pulling her 65 feet, shredding her flesh and shattering multiple bones

The event induced a coma, left her with permanent injuries, and ended her career as a teacher.

She told Sarasota County commissioners, "I can't run or enjoy daily activities." "I'm always hurting."

After hearing from Stewart the County Commission accepted a $5.95 million settlement  but her agony continues.

The Florida legislature and governor must enact a special statute to allow Stewart to get the full payout.

The driver's licence was suspended for three months for careless driving. 

Stewart wanted $8.5 million to $10 million from the county, but her lawyer and the county attorney settled for $5.95 million. The deal was reached before the trial this month.

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