Southern California Gas Prices Reach to New Heights

Southern California gas prices have risen to nearly $10 a gallon amid historic inflation.

AAA reports that petrol prices touched $4.76 overnight Friday, a 20-cent rise in a week.

Californians are paying a previously unheard-of $6.24 cents a gallon. Over the weekend, gas prices in the state topped $6 for the first time.

The rate hike comes despite OPEC's efforts to increase oil production to refill the country's refineries, whose stock has reached crisis levels.

Experts say the national average would certainly approach $6 by fall, prompting many would-be travellers to stay put during the busy driving season.

Many families have left their cars at home throughout the holiday weekend to avoid inflation-affected charges.

West Coast states including California and Nevada had new all-time highs of $6.26 and $5.36.

Since Biden was elected in November 2020, prices have risen, soaring in February after the invasion of Ukraine. Gas prices rose by more than 30% in three months.

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