Sony State of Play June 2022

Callisto Protocol
To emphasise, the main character has a health bar on his back. Having the designers of Dead Space create another tough survival horror game is a wonderful thing.

 Remastered on PC on August 12, 2022. The action-adventure game is a partnership between Insomniac Games and PC specialist Nixxes

Eternights is a new adventure coming in 'Early 2023' that will have us rescuing the planet, finding love, etc. Eternights will be available on PS5, PS4, and PC

Roll7 is creating Rollerdrome FPS?You skate over a cel-shaded terrain and blast enemies.Cant wait to see more on August 16, 2022 

 in which you play as a ginger tabby cat among robotsThe game will be available on PS5 and PS4 on July 19.PS Plus Premium and Extra subscribers get it free

Street Fighter 6
Adventure mode to explore Capcom's universe. Jamie, Luke, Chun Li, and Ryu were confirmed for Street Fighter 6. PS4 and PS5 will get Street Fighter 6 in 2023

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky's PSVR2 update has much to prove.PSVR and PC versions aren't fantastic.Hello Games' space sim sounds fantastic in VR, but it needs huge upgrades.

Walking Dead
Retribution continues the narrative of warring groups trying to dominate the undead-infested streets of New Orleans.Corpses are easy to manage until you mess up,

Horizon: Call of Mountain is Guerrilla Games' PSVR 2 showcase. It's an outstanding debut, exhibiting the determination to "climb the mountain; find out why the machines are attacking."

Final Fantasy 16
Square Enix has released a new teaser that reveals plot beats as Clive and the group face a world at war.We see Clive cutting and slicing at foes, suggesting action-oriented warfare

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