Social Security Taxes Increased By $2,400

Inflation destroys U.S. pensioners. Social Security checks are often insufficient.

On top of that, it appears that economic funds are drained and Social Security will soon be unable to pay full retirements.

 Yet a new law proposal would change this totally. This new measure is called the Social Security Expansion Act. With this new Bill, they are asking for an increase of  $2,400 per year.

With this proposed bill, not only would benefits not be lowered. This new bill would also enhance the money available to pay them.

This law is particularly important because many pensioners who get Social Security have no other source of income.

Everything in a very rational and hassle-free manner for Social Security beneficiaries receiving benefits.

This Bill is intended to boost Social Security revenue.

Annual taxes have a limit in the United States. That maximum is on the wages of persons earning up to $147,000 each year.

Americans can apply for $750 direct rebate payments
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