Quordle 147 Answers For June20 

You'll have to keep in mind all four words at the same time

If a letter is inserted in the appropriate area for any of the four words, the box will become green

Word 1:Clues in Quordle On June 20th (top left), a young girl from a small community embarked on a midnight voyage on one of these

Word 2: (bottom left) a kind of fabric 

 Word 3: (bottom left) splits open from the inside

 Word 4:(right-bottom) Taylor Swift's fans will be hoping for this since she has been nominated for two Grammys in a row

N is a consonant that is often used

There are two words where the same letters are used more than once

The words for today start with T, L, B, and S

The words of the day are

Train, Linen, Burst, Sweep

Amber Heard Was Spotted in A Low Cost Product Store

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