Property Tax Relief Program

If you own a residence in the state of New York, check your mail.

The state has began mailing out the tax credit for homeowners.

The one-year scheme was created to provide homeowners with property tax relief in 2022.

The checks were scheduled to be sent in the fall of 2022. however, the state sent them out early.

Homeowners who qualify for the 2022 STAR credit or exemption, have a 2020 income below $250,000, and a 2022-23 school tax liability more than their 2022 STAR benefit.

Most checks should be mailed in June. If you don't get your check by early July, you should before your school tax bill is due.

There are no specific dates provided for when you will get your check.

The tax rebate credit amount depends on your home's location, income, and whether you receive basic or enhanced STAR.

Child Tax Credit 2022
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