Presidents Who Starred in TV Commercials

Politics is about promising everything but nothing concrete so your words don't hurt you later. This precisely defines advertising, too.

There were seven times when actual presidents came on screen to pitch us something.

 Barack Obama : In 2015,marketed Obamacare and, not fast food or credit cards. The commercial fulfilled its job, which isn't very thrilling. 

Ronald Reagan : Before becoming president, Reagan was an actor. Reagan exploited his charm at age 40 to advertise for Chesterfield Tobacco Company.

Mikhail Gorbachev : You probably think of Gorbachev as the bald guy from the Pizza Hut commercial. 1997 was him. It was developed for Russians who had never seen a Pizza Hut. 

Donald Trump : Another Pizza Hut ad campaign featured Donald Trump in 1995. Donald Trump ate a pizza slice from the crust up in a humorous ad. But the crust was cheese-filled.

Vaclav Havel : Vaclav Havel appears in a 2011 AAA Auto ad. Even a retired politician needs a new automobile. Havel receives a free whip, and AAA Auto plasters his wrinkled face over the country.

Nicolas Sarkozy : Ex-French president, advertises Bonux laundry detergent. This artefact appeared in 1967 Bonux advertising and publications. 

Volodymyr Zelensky : Ukraine's new president, Zelensky, appeared in a social ad. President Zelensky urged the world to invest in Ukraine on Independence Day.

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