Possible Tax Rebate In Virginia

Virginia taxpayers may receive funds this year. The General Assembly is expected to approve one-time reimbursements for state income tax payers.

Youngkin told he wants Virginia's greatest tax rebate. All of these tax cuts are designed to benefit Virginians who need it most, to lower our cost of living

Roxann Robinson carries Glenn Youngkin's bill. Individuals would get $300 and couples $600.

Robinson will stick to her plan. "We have budget surplus." Robinson claimed the state is prospering

After  budget negotiations, Governor Youngkin can make amendments. His changes will be voted soon.

This means that taxpayers should expect to wait a few months for these one-time payments.

Late filers would get refunds between July and November, Robinson said.

Virginians must file their final 2021 income tax return by November 1, 2022 to receive the reimbursement.

A federal energy rebate of $100 per month proposed
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