Photoshop Will Be Free Online Soon

The company sure is reinventing itself as a freemium service provider

Adobe will experiment with a freemium model for Photoshop on the web, The Verge reported.

The test will first come to Canadian users, who will be able to use Photoshop for web for free.

Long-term, the firm aims to move away from free users and exclusively offer them to paid members, but essential Photoshop functionality should be free.

No schedule exists for expanding the free model. Adobe is enhancing the web-based Photoshop client with new capabilities.

Photoshop on the web is available on Adobe's Creative Cloud website. It's currently officially still in beta.

This is a response to web-based productivity. Cloud-first operating systems like Chrome OS encourage the shift to browser-based workflows.

Adobe's Photoshop software wasn't accessible on Chromebooks until late 2021.

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