Pennsylvaniya Stimulus Check 2022

Gov. Tom Wolf has started a drive for the General Assembly to adopt legislation that would give $2,000 direct payments to many Pennsylvanians

The American Rescue Plan Act will support the $500 million PA Opportunity Program

Direct relief operations haven't been updated in weeks. Wolf said both House and Senate Democratic leaders will propose laws to support the programme

According to reports, Pennsylvanians earning $80,000 or less would get $2,000 in direct payments

“Times are tough right now as prices have gone up on everything from gas to groceries, and I’m here to talk about solutions,” Wolf said in late April

The programme helps families still recuperating from the COVID-19 outbreak or managing the rising cost of life

Pennsylvania is holding on almost $2 billion in federal ARPA funds, according to WPIX

The funds will be returned to the federal government if they are not used by December 31, 2024

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