Nine Stunning Traditional Houses From Various Countries

Wigwams are cone-shaped huts with a hole in the roof for smoking, commonly constructed by indigenous people in North America

Palloza is a type of Galician traditional home (northwest of the Iberian Peninsula)

Kurin', which comes from the Ukrainian word for "smoke," was where the Cossacks lived near the lower reaches of the Dnipro and Don rivers

Diaolou is a high-rise building in southern China's Guangdong Province that has been fortified

The torfbaeir, or "turf house," has been a traditional building in Iceland since the time of the Vikings

Minka is a traditional Japanese house meant for the lower strata of society, i.e. farmers, artisans, small merchants.

The Maasai tribe in Africa has lived in Manyatta for a long time

The igloo is one of the most well-known types of traditional homes in the world

Mazanka is an old, traditional Ukrainian house made for places with mild and warm weather

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