New Mexico Stimulus Check June 2022

Maine and New Mexico approved COVID aid, and a fourth federal payment is possible. Residents could get another check in June.

New Mexico's legislature approved summer tax rebates, with the first payments due in June.

The stimulus measures provide a $500 refundable income tax rebate for individuals and $1,000 for joint filers, heads of households, and surviving spouses.

Single filers will get $250 in June and August, and those who file jointly will get $500 each month.

In New Mexico, married couples filing joint returns, heads of household, and surviving spouses with income under $150,000 will get a $500 tax credit.

Single and married filers with less than $75,000 get $250.

Taxpayers who file their 2021 forms by May 31 will receive rebates automatically.

This summer, hundreds of millions of dollars return to New Mexico residents, preserving salaries and helping them cope with soaring gas and grocery prices.

Maine Stimulus Check June 2022
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