New Mexico Processing $1,000 Direct Payments

The state is helping New Mexicans with rising bills and gas prices. Most New Mexicans are eligible for $500 to $1,000 cash rebates under a special session measure.

Tax rebates are the state's way of giving back to New Mexicans amid record oil and gas revenues.

Heads of household, surviving spouses, and married people filing joint returns get $1,000. Individuals and married people filing separately earn $500.

Non-filers can also get tax benefit. Couples or people with dependents can get $1,000. $500 for singles.

To get refunds or aid, you must live in New Mexico. You'll need an SSN or ITIN. Finally, you can't rely on another person for funds.

If you submitted a 2021 personal income tax return and are entitled for rebates, the state will mail them to you. So if you filed taxes, just wait for your payments.

You can get a relief payment even if you didn't submit taxes. First-come, first-served for applications and money.

The deadline for non-filers was May 31, 2022. On June 1, the state announced a 10-day extension. Online applications remain open.

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