New Jersey's $40 Million Stimulus Effort

Using funds from the American Rescue Act, New Jersey lawmakers formed the $40 million Excluded New Jerseyans Fund to aid unauthorised immigrants afflicted by the Covid epidemic.

Successful single candidates can obtain $2,000, while low-income families can get $4,000. reports that 4,000 people have received more than $9 million.

There are currently at least 13,900 pending applications, while 530 applications have been denied.

The application procedure will close earlier if $40 million is spent. Fears grow that the programme won't help individuals who can't receive federal aid.

Governor Phil Murphy said on Jan. 27 that increased funds from the American Rescue Plan will finance the plan.

Sarah Fajardo of the ACLU of New Jersey said $40 million isn't enough to help 500,000 ineligible New Jerseyans.

Excluded New Jerseyans Fund was introduced in October 2017. Last month, only $6million of the $40million reached 2,700 immigrant families.

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