Nasa’s Artemis 1 Moon Rocket Heads Back To The Launch Pad Tonight

NASA is ready to retest its next-generation Space Launch System after making repairs.

First, SLS and Orion exited from the VAB around sunset in mid-March before a full moon.

NASA hopes to continue Artemis 1's "wet dress rehearsal" on June 19 once it returns to Pad 39B.

Artemis 1's initial wet dress rehearsal was planned to last 48 hours.

Artemis 1 was returned to the VAB on April 25 due to a blocked valve and a hydrogen leak in the rocket's launch tower.

NASA can avoid Flordia's hot, humid weather by moving the vehicle at night.

NASA was able to repair faults and begin additional enhancements by rolling back the rocket stack.

NASA has provided a list of launch windows for Artemis 1, and officials are cautiously optimistic about an August launch

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