NASA's Mars Lander End Mission In Red Planet

NASA reports that the InSight Mars lander will run out of power later this summer, concluding its scientific mission on Mars.

Agency officials said at a briefing Tuesday they expect a Martian dust devil would pass over the lander, sweeping dust off its solar panels so it can charge.

Dust devils were seen tens of kilometres from InSight.

All of InSight's sensors will be turned off in July, except for its seismometer.

They claim this will keep sparse communications open in case InSight wakes up.

InSight landed on Mars in 2018 to study the planet's innards.

The lander has detected almost 1,300 Marsquakes, which experts attribute to magma stores.

Banerdt said the science team would be busy for at least six months on immediate mission tasks even after InSight finishes data collecting.

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