Nasa Talks About UFO's Excited

NASA announced Wednesday it will organise a team to research unusual airborne phenomena.

 The team will review existing data on these objects this fall and create new ways to acquire more. The nine-month project will be done "scientifically."

Since the 1950s, UFO has been synonymous with alien spaceships, and NASA's purpose is to find life beyond Earth.

This is the first time in NASA's 64-year history that the organisation has openly and significantly addressed UFOs. 

NASA's associate administrator for science missions, told reporters, "We have the instruments and teams to assist us better our understanding of the unknown."

NASA says there's no indication that UAPs ( unidentified aerial phenomena) are alien, the agency is more interested in seeking for life deep in the solar system and beyond.

Astrophysicist David Spergel said the team's initial objective is to "collect the most rigorous set of data we can" from citizens, government, non-profits, and enterprises. 

The officials indicated the new UAP-research activity is unrelated to NASA's programmes to detect alien life, yet they mentioned both in the same breath.

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