Musk says he won't vote for Democrats.

Musk says he can't support Democrats any more and will vote Republican.

"Previously, I voted Democrat because they were the kind party. But they're the party of division and hate, so I won't vote for them "twitter

When he buys Twitter, the 50-year-old millionaire says he'll repeal Trump's ban.

He argued Twitter is far-left since it's based in California, a progressive state.

Tesla's stock slumped 6.8% on Wednesday after Musk endorsed Republicans and the company was removed from a sustainable index.

"Poor Elon" tweets trended on Twitter, prompting Maye Musk to defend her son.

Musk's mother called some tweets "troll or bot" for "nasty comments."

Musk has criticised the Biden administration and Democrats for their plans to tax millionaires and incentivize union-made electric autos. Tesla's US factories are non-union.

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