Mona Lisa Painting Cake

A guy smeared the Mona Lisa artwork with cake at Paris' Louvre Museum on May 29. A video of the event is being circulated on social media

According to a report, the man was in a wheelchair. Witnesses say he abruptly stood up and sprayed cake on the picture, which is protected by glass

“Think about the Earth! We’re destroying the Earth! Artists need to think about the Earth! That’s why I did it," the man shouted

Security guards removed the culprit. Observers started to photograph the artwork

This isn't the first time Leonardo's painting has been assaulted

A visitor splashed acid on the picture in the 1950s, so it was placed behind bulletproof glass

Mona Lisa, thought to be Lisa Gherardini's artwork, is a renaissance masterpiece. It's been called the "most visited, written about, sung about, and parodied piece of art

It's one of the world's most expensive paintings. Prior to its 1962-1963 tour, Mona Lisa was insured for $100 million

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