Millions to get $1,050 direct tax relief payments

Homeowners in NEW York are getting some help right now in the form of direct payments

The state is sending qualified households a one-time homeowner tax rebate credit (HTRC) of up to $1,050

This credit is in addition to what New Yorkers may be eligible for via the STAR program (School Tax Relief)

The average benefit for people in New York City will be $425, and the average benefit for people outside of New York City will be around $970

Homes with incomes of less than $75,000 will get an average of $1,050 from the state

On tax returns for the year 2022, credits will be applied ahead of time, and most of the homeowner tax breaks will still be in place

Some families who are having trouble might never get a second stimulus check

The new stimulus money will only be available for a short time through direct deposit, a paper check, or a government debit card


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