Meghan Markle Bullying Probe To Be 'Buried' 

Palace officials believe that Meghan Markle abused her workers as a royal were investigated and led to HR adjustments

The Sunday Times of London reported that the inquiry into MM's alleged harassment of Kensington Palace staffers has concluded.

Queen Elizabeth II personally funded it via an outside legal firm and institutional adjustments to the monarchy's policies and processes .

 Buckingham Palace is reportedly "burying" the findings and won't share them.

Keeping this in-house is to minimise escalating conflicts between Meghan and Harry and the rest of the Royal family

#RoyalFamilyLied and Meghan Markle are trending.

If there was a smoking gun against Meghan, some feel the Royals would leak it to cover their asses/vindicate themselves.

Perhaps Meghan has devastating evidence, but Nana is putting it to rest for everyone's benefit. Meghan denied bullying.

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