Massachusetts Stimulus check 2022

Massachusetts will send $500 checks as part of a one-time Employee Premium Pay Program.

The state of Massachusetts is sending checks to 500,000 people. Essential workers will be the biggest winners.

Senator Pat Jehlen tweeted, "The first $500 payments for low-income workers under COVID-19 Essential Employee Premium Pay Program are finally happening."

Governor Charlie Baker made the COVID-10 Essential Employee Premium Pay Program a law on December 13, 2021.

Massachusetts spent $460 million on worker premiums. 500k low-income workers in the state received $500.

You must file your 2020 taxes to qualify. Reside in Massachusetts in 2020; earn at least $12,750 in job remuneration.

If you got unemployment benefits in 2020, you can't get the first set of checks.

According to the Massachusetts state website, all eligible people will get a check in the mail.

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