Mars Rover Spots Weird Snake-head Rock

The Perseverance rover has arrived in a peculiar and intriguing region of Mars.

The car-sized Perseverance snapped a photo that looks like a "Indiana Jones" still on June 12. 

On the left, a boulder hangs delicately on a grey rock. A structure that resembles an open-mouthed snake head juts from a reddish butte at right.

The layered ridge appears like an old river delta that previously existed inside the 45-kilometer-wide Jezero Crater

Perseverance's purpose is to hunt for indications of previous Mars life and collect samples for return to Earth.

Ingenuity is helping Perseverance explore the crater's floor to discover research targets.

The helicopter has been undertaking surveillance since completing its initial 30-day, a five-flight mission to prove powered flight on Mars possible.

Winter is coming at Jezero, and the dropping temperatures are making the small helicopter's existence difficult.

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