Maine Stimulus Check June 2022

Maine's economic relief program is about to be put into effect, benefitting an estimated 858,000 people.

On Thursday, 5,000 $850 relief checks will be sent to Maine residents, followed by 200,000 checks per week in subsequent weeks, Gov. Janet Mills announced.

In late April, Mills signed the budget into law after overwhelming approval by the state Legislature.

A scarcity of envelopes threatened to postpone the distribution of the checks, but Mills' office said authorities got what they needed to get the money out

Treasurer Henry Beck: "I know Mainers are feeling the squeeze of increasing prices, and Governor Mills and the Legislature are offering one of the strongest relief plans in the country to help them."

The relief scheme will repay $729.3 million of Maine's budget excess via $850 cheques.

This sum should average $1,700 per household thanks to government subsidies and higher tax collections.

Those who haven't submitted their 2021 Maine income tax return have until October 31, 2022 to do so.

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