June 1 Stimulus Check

In a few days, some may receive new relief cheques. Residents of Maine received $850 (or $1,700 for families) each

Gov. Janet Mills signed a $1.2 billion budget that funds payments on June 1

Similar federal payments to millions of Americans terminated at the end of 2021

State leaders are returning part of their budget surpluses to taxpayers in several US jurisdictions

The governor's office claimed they will go to "an estimated 858,000 Maine people suffering with pandemic-driven inflation."

The state will mail the first relief cheques in June. They'll be distributed "rolling" until December

Filing a 2021 Maine individual income tax return determines eligibility for a $850 relief check. Maine residents must file by October 31, 2022.

Programs Mainers may qualify for the Homestead Exemption Program. They might also seek the property tax fairness credit

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