Is there a $1400 Stimulus Check Coming? 

Americans received a $1,400 federal stimulus cheque last year and want another.

Many states are providing people inflation payments, and federal stimulus checks cease this year.

Only those who qualify on their tax returns will receive a $1,400 federal payout in 2022.

The majority of the third round of checks have already been sent to approved applicants.

Governor Tom Wolf wants to give qualified residents $2,000 each. $2,000 stimulus cheques go to those making $80,000 or less.

300,000 low-income Massachusetts workers receive a $500 second payment. This is COVID-19 Essential Employee Premium Pay.

Georgia and Hawaii are two additional states with approved measures.

If a measure to offset inflation succeeds, Ohio citizens might receive a $350 stimulus check.

Inmates get $2.5 Million in repayments - relief funds
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