IRS Warns of Stimulus Check Scams

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a warning this week about frequent scams, as part of a yearly effort it calls the "Dirty Dozen." 

The agency warned about frauds primarily aimed at taking Covid-19 relief money and other aid.

“Scammers continue to use the pandemic to terrify or confuse potential victims,” stated IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. "Beware of calls, messages, and emails offering benefits that don't exist."

Scams can take many forms. They can involve fraudulent applications, employment offers, and welfare support.

Rettig remarked, "Caution and awareness are our strongest defences." Everyone should check information on

The organisation has finished distributing Economic Impact Payments, or stimulus checks, therefore future offers are likely fake.

The IRS claims they won't call, email, text, or use social media to ask for Social Security numbers or other personal or financial information linked to Economic Impact Payments.

Other scams include "CRAT to Eliminate Taxable Gain," "Maltese Pension Arrangements Misusing Treaty," "Puerto Rican and Other Foreign Captive Insurance," and bogus charities.

How Do I Claim My Stimulus Check?
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