Interstellar Travel Possible Even Without Spaceships

Future generations will have to deal with the sun becoming a red giant, when it will expand and consume Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

If humans had to escape an existential threat, interstellar travel might be the way to do it, but no spaceships can get us even to our nearest neighbouring solar system.

Romanovskaya suggests ETCs could rely on free-floating planets instead of starships.

Free-floating planets with surface and subsurface oceans can provide water and radiation protection.

Humanity should be able to successfully utilise these planets.

Instead of making free-floating planets their permanent homes, extraterrestrial civilizations would employ them as interplanetary transportation.

Astronomers have found between 70 and 170 planets that move around on their own.

Such planets lose their oceans of liquid water due to diminishing heat production.

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