Internet Explorer Is Shutting Down 

Microsoft began including Internet Explorer in their Windows operating system family in 1995.

Internet Explorer's presence in Windows, the most popular PC OS, boosted its market share.

Microsoft announced a new version of Edge in 2020 that relies on Chromium, the open-source project behind Google's Chrome browser, and Internet Explorer mode.

Microsoft discontinued supporting Internet Explorer on Wednesday, signalling the end for a 26-year-old brand with an antitrust dispute, security problems, and poor performance. 

Users will be directed to Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer.

Microsoft won't provide technical assistance or security upgrades as it focuses on Edge, a mobile, Mac, and Linux browser.

Microsoft announced Edge with Windows 10 in 2015 as a new, efficient browser akin to Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer still has a modest following because it's the only method to access certain corporate online apps. Despite being retired, it won't vanish.

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