Inmates Get $2.5 Million In Repayments - Relief Funds

Over $2 million was returned to Arkansas Department of Corrections inmates after a court ordered the agency to refund federal relief or stimulus funds not used to pay convicts' fines or fees.

Cindy Murphy, Department of Corrections communications director, said $2,551,198 in stimulus money had been returned to inmates.

Judge Lee Rudofsky gave the government 90 days to refund court-related funds. She claimed parolees got $283,513.

Rudofsky ordered all Act 1110 of 2021 prisoners on March 16. Inmates must pay fines, fees, or restitution with relief or stimulus monies.

Congress enacted the Coronavirus Aid, Relief in 2020, giving $1,200 to adult making less than $75,000. Two more bills offered $600 and $1,400. Three stimulus payments went to prisoners.

The Arkansas General Assembly passed Act 1110 directing Department of Correction staff to withdraw stimulus checks to pay penalties and transfer any remaining cash to the "inmate welfare fund"

The court ordered the Department of Corrections to sequester confiscated federal aid. The agency must track how much is confiscated from each prisoner and paid in fees.

When the ruling was issued, the Department of Corrections had $2,834,711. Since then, $2,551,198 has been refunded to inmates, she said.

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