How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real

Here is how to tell the difference between a real and a fake diamond

Water Test: Fill a normal-sized glass 3/4 with water. Drop the stone carefully. True diamonds sink

Fog Test: Hold the diamond or ring between two fingers and breathe on it,If the fog fades quickly, the diamond is genuine

Heat the Stone and See if it Shatters: Heat the stone for 40 seconds, then drop it in cold water. If the stone breaks, it's not a true diamond

UV Light Test: If it doesn't shine under UV light, it's not always a fake diamond

Newspaper/‘Read-Through’ Effect: To test a diamond's refractivity, lay it flat on a piece of paper. If you can read the newspaper, the diamond is fake.

Sparkle Test: Hold the diamond under a light A true diamond sparkles because it reflects white light beautifully

The Diamond Tester: This gadget measures gemstone thermal conductivity. If the diamond disperses heat slowly, it's fake

Using a Microscope: A jeweller or gemologist can examine a stone with a 1200x microscope

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