How To Prevent Inflation From Ruining Your Retirement

Higher prices are hard on retirees, but there are a few ways to protect your nest egg from "shrinkflation" during these hard times.

Inflation will certainly be a hot topic through 2022. Consumer sentiment is dropping due to rising inflation and interest rates.

As we deal with increased costs for products and services, it's crucial to understand shrinkflation, which promotes pessimism and fear about the economy.

Companies give you less for your money to offset rising manufacturing and supplier expenses. Companies shrink products rather than boost prices, which buyers would notice.

Some shoppers don't notice a smaller cookie box for the same price unless they read the tiny print. Many manufacturers use shrinkflation.

According to a Fidelity Investments research, 71% of American investors worry about inflation's impact on their retirement readiness.

Since 2000, annual U.S. inflation rates have stayed under 3%. Inflation must be factored into your retirement strategy.

Make sure you think about inflation and how much it will cost to keep living the way you do now in the future.

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