How to Join Marvel Snap Closed Beta?

Marvel today announced Marvel Snap, a new digital card game that promises to be a more fast-paced twist on the genre.

While there is no specific release date for the game, it is currently being tested by select gamers.

In addition to unveiling the game, Marvel has begun a restricted beta for Android players.

The beta has no predetermined end date, but as it progresses, additional people from various locations and platforms will be invited to participate.

Android users in the U.S., Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand may get in by completing a Marvel Snap survey.

Assuming you match the conditions, you can start Marvel Snap at

At the upper right of the screen, click "Join Beta Test." Click that button for closed beta info.

The opening paragraph of the beta release will feature a "SIGN UP HERE" hyperlink. This link opens a five-minute closed beta screen.

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