How To Invest In Bear Market

Timing the market – most investors flee the market and exit their investments during the bear market.

 Before you delve into investing in a bear market, it is better to arm yourself first for a sputtering economy. 

Build a 6-month cushion and emergency fund. This will protect your retirement money from emergencies.

Hold tight – If you believe in any company, then hold on no matter how steeply its stock price falls.

Buy stocks – During a bear run, the stock price of all companies fall. It is considered the best time to invest and buy shares.

Take a long-term approach – It is unlikely that the stocks you buy will yield returns within a year as it is difficult to predict how long the bear market will last.

Buy dividend stocks – Bear markets are a good time to net companies with a history of high paying dividends

Diversify your portfolio – While bear markets are the best time to buy stocks, it can also be a good opportunity to diversify your portfolio and buy bonds.

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