How Do I Claim My Stimulus Check?

A research indicated that 10 million Americans did not get a stimulus cheque.

Most stimulus checks were deposited or mailed. Others received them as prepaid debit cards, which some discarded as junk mail.

If you missed out on your payments, you can go to to claim the funds.

Single filers with a $75,000 or less AGI cannot be claimed as dependents.Individuals earning more less than $99,000 per year receive reduced benefits.

Utilize the IRS Non-Filers service to receive your stimulus payment.

Use Non-Filers if you did not submit a federal income tax return for 2019, 2020, or 2021. This includes non-filers who file a tax return to get a refund.

If you received an extension and expect to file your 2021 return before October, do not use this tool.

Using the programme instead of filing your 2021 return can delay processing and refunds.

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